IBTI Monitor

Uptime monitoring for your website and status pages

Introducing a complete solution for monitoring websites with reliable uptime monitoring and effortless performance. Complemented by fast, highly customizable status pages, our platform ensures your online presence is always at its best.

Features of IBTI Monitor

IBTI Monitor is your go-to platform for managing and monitoring websites. Its key features include the following.

  • Uptime monitors

    Provide website monitoring service by effortlessly tracking the uptime of your sites, servers, and ports to ensure seamless availability.

  • Heartbeat

    Our website monitoring tool closely monitors Cron jobs (site tasks) to verify their smooth operation.
  • Status pages

    Foster transparency with visitors by presenting status pages with real-time statistics from your monitors.

  • Incident tracking

    Our website monitoring software provides timely notifications about site downtime and duration, empowering you to take prompt action.

  • Custom domain

    Connect your domain (yoursite.com) or choose from our predefined domains for a personalized touch.

  • Email notifications

    Get instant alerts when your monitored sites go live. Be the first to know all the above with our website monitoring service.

What IBTI Monitor offers

IBTI Monitor has all the necessary features to track and identify incidents on your website in real time.
  • Status Page image

    Status Page

    The status page displays the health of all sites grouped by customer.

  • Website Monitor image

    Website Monitor

    A website monitor displays a website's incident history

  • Heartbeats image


    We send a data packet (heartbeat) from time to time to the monitored website. When he receives this package, we have confirmation that the site is healthy

  • Domain Verification image

    Domain Verification

    IBTI Monitor automatically tracks a domain's renewal period and sends alerts to notify about the renewal period

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Uptime Monitoring, a vital aspect of our website monitoring service, tracks your website's availability and is crucial to ensure it remains online, minimizing downtime and maximizing user experience.
  • With IBTI Monitor's Website Monitoring capabilities, the Incident Tracking feature keeps you informed about any downtime incidents and their duration. You'll receive instant notifications whenever your website experiences an issue, allowing you to take prompt action.

  • Absolutely! With IBTI Monitor's website monitoring service and highly customizable Status Pages, you can personalize their appearance to align