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The IBTI teams are composed of members with multidisciplinary skills guided by agile methods ready to materialize your project.

We have helped companies from different market segments increase productivity and reduce costs with development teams.

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Benefits for your project

Benefits of working with squads

Adopting on-demand IT teams has the following advantages:
  • 1

    Shorter time to recruit professionals

    We have contact with software development professionals with different levels of experience.
  • 2

    Teams with synergy

    We build teams with professionals who already know each other and have worked well on previous projects.
  • 3

    Evaluation of your project

    We assess your project before assembling the team to understand the scope, technological ecosystem, and business rules. In addition, we use the evaluation to build the project's roadmap.
  • 4

    Pay just for the development

    Pay only for the development of your project, and let us worry about it as the rest.
Focused teams

Our squads are guided by the following goals:

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  • Delivery guarantee

    Efficient management and development work on our projects without losing sight of the quality of deliveries
  • Results monitoring

    Look and monitor the efficiency through reaching the defined scope at the beginning of each development cycle.
  • Search for continuous improvement

    We look for always to promote the continuous improvement of our teams, processes, people, and developed products.
  • Use of modern practices and technologies

    As part of the continuous improvement process, we continuously update ourselves with new trends and technologies.
  • Identification of risks

    In every step of the development cycle, we ask questions and avoid inferences so that the deliveries can occur according to the plan.
  • Transparency and communication

    The success of our projects is due to the communication with our clients. By communicating, we identify the business rules and establish delivery expectations.

Our process

Our remote software development team follows a comprehensive approach to delivering high-quality software development projects. The process typically includes the following steps:

Requirements Gathering: Our software development team starts by thoroughly understanding the client's needs and gathering detailed requirements. We engage in discussions, interviews, and workshops to ensure a clear understanding of the project goals, functionalities, and user expectations.

Project Management: Our software development teams employ a robust project management methodology to ensure effective planning, coordination, and execution. This involves breaking down the project into manageable tasks, assigning responsibilities, setting timelines, and establishing communication channels. We use agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban to facilitate iterative development and regular client feedback.

Design and Development: Based on the requirements, our experienced software development team designs the software architecture, user interfaces, and database structures. We follow industry best practices and coding standards during development to ensure maintainability, scalability, and extensibility. We encourage collaboration and regular code reviews to maintain code quality.

Quality Assurance: Our dedicated quality assurance (QA) team conducts rigorous testing at various stages of the development process. This includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing. We utilize automated testing tools and frameworks to ensure comprehensive test coverage and identify any issues or bugs.

Deployment and Maintenance: Once the software is thoroughly tested and meets the required quality standards, we deploy it to the production environment. We closely monitor the performance, stability, and user feedback to ensure a smooth post-deployment experience. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to address any issues that may arise and release regular updates or patches as required.

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