Convert Your Website to Mobile App

Struggling to reach your audience effectively with only a website? Websites can sometimes be hard to access on mobile devices, and users might not visit them as often as mobile apps.

Understanding your pain point, IBTI has come up with an amazing solution: Convert responsive websites to mobile apps. Our team will walk you through the whole process, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Benefits of Converting a Responsive Website to an App

Converting a website to an app can really help your business in many ways. 85% of people like using apps more than websites on their phones. So, turning your website into an app makes things better for users right away.

  • More People Engage

    Apps make it easier for people to interact with your stuff. Lots of folks prefer using apps on their phones compared to websites.
  • Better Brand Awareness

    When your app is right there on someone's phone, they see your brand all the time. This helps them remember you more.

  • Cool Features

    Apps can use special phone features like location tracking, cameras, and notifications. This makes them more fun and useful.

  • Keep Customers Around

    Apps can communicate directly with users through messages and personal touches. This keeps people coming back, way more than regular websites.

  • Make Money in New Ways

    Mobile apps offer various monetization avenues, such as in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertisements, and affiliate marketing.
  • Build Trust

    Having your app shows you care about your customers. It makes them feel safer when they know you're looking out for them.

Ready to build your App?

At IBTI, we can develop your product from start to finish or handle parts of the process for you. We offer high-quality software development services, from requirements and systems analysis, architecture, and design to development, testing, migration, and deployment.
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The Technologies We Utilize for the Service

Here's a breakdown of the technologies we use to convert your website into an app for Android & iOS.

  • Admin Panel with PHP + MySQL

    We have a special control center called an admin panel. It's made using PHP and MySQL, which are just tools that help us organize and manage things smoothly. This panel lets us customize your app's settings using an easy-to-use interface.
  • Mobile App with Flutter and Dart

    The actual mobile app is built using Flutter and Dart. Think of Flutter and Dart as the tools we use to craft your app. Flutter is like a magic wand that helps us create beautiful, interactive apps, while Dart is the language we use to tell the app what to do.
  • Webview Technology

    Inside your app, we use something called webview technology. It's like a window that shows your website but in a mobile-friendly way. This means your website will look and feel like a native app, providing a seamless experience for your users.

Our Work Procedures

With the below-mentioned step-by-step process, we ensure that you get a high-quality mobile app that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

  • 1

    Client Requests Website Conversion

    When you reach out to us and express interest in turning your website into a mobile app, that's the first step. You tell us what you need, and we're ready to help.

  • 2

    Website Analysis

    Next, we take a look at your website to see if it's ready to make the jump to mobile. We check if it's easy to use on phones and tablets, making sure everything looks good and works smoothly.
  • 3

    Client's Visual Identity Integration

    We want your app to reflect your unique style and branding. So, we take your visual identity—things like your logo, colors, and design elements—and apply them to the app. We do this using our special Web Dashboard, which makes the customization process easy.
  • 4

    App Validation with Client

    Once we've worked our magic and created the app, we want to make sure you're happy with it. That's why we give you a chance to test it out using a mobile simulator. This lets you see how your app will look and feel on both iOS and Android devices before it's officially launched.

  • 5

    App Publication

    Finally, once you give us the green light, we're ready to share your app with the world! We publish it on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, making it available for download to anyone who wants to use it.
  • 6

    App Support

    Once your app is out there, we're still here for you. We'll help with any issues, like fixing bugs or updating the app, to ensure it keeps working well. Your success matters most to us!

Why You Should Choose Us

Choose us because we’ve extensive experience and knowledge in converting websites to mobile apps, ensuring a smooth transition. We listen to your needs, involve you in the process, and maintain your brand's identity.

Our organized approach keeps things simple, and we thoroughly test everything before launch. Plus, we're there for you even after your app is live, providing support and great value for your money.

We want you to feel like you made a smart investment in turning your website into an app.


Convert Your Website into a Mobile App Today!

Ready to revolutionize your online presence? IBTI specializes in transforming websites into high-performing mobile apps. Our process is simple yet comprehensive, ensuring a smooth transition and exceptional results. Contact us now to begin your journey towards enhanced user experience and increased revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Users prefer apps over websites on mobile devices (85% according to the text). Apps offer better engagement, brand awareness, cool features, improved customer retention, and new ways to make money.

  • Yes, IBTI builds apps that work on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Yes, IBTI integrates your visual identity (logo, colors, design elements) into the app using a web dashboard for easy customization.

  • IBTI will analyze your website during the initial stages to determine its readiness for mobile app conversion.

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